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{30 Days of Gratitude} Day 1 + 2 | Washington DC Family Photographer

it’s nothing new,

this “30 Days of Gratitude” idea. I see friends on Facebook every year posting their thankfulnesses, the small ones and the large ones. And I like it. It might be a teeny bit cheesy, and it does teeter on the edge of humble-bragging. But the fact is, there’s research that shows: cultivating gratitude is good for our minds. So I’m in. I’ll overshare.

Would you like to follow along? Check in on my blog each day, and if you want to share your own gratitude, I’d love to know what’s worth thankfulness in your life!

Sunday, Nov 1.

I’m grateful for my spouse. He’s a character, for sure, and he knows it. He can be damn near impossible sometimes, and he knows it. But he has always believed that I can do great things. When I’ve doubted, he has insisted I’m underestimating myself.  When I’ve failed, he’s gotten me on my feet and back in the fight. When I’ve longed for a new venture, he’s sent me to chase after it. When I’ve cried, he’s gotten me to slow down, take a shower, get some sleep. Start again in the morning. He’s fulfilled our vows when we got married, standing between family/friends, and the great wide ocean, to be “equal partners together in our future”. He is, in every sense, my partner, and I would not trade him for anything.


Monday, Nov 2.

I’m grateful for The Women. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve been fortunate to build connections with so many talented, determined, thoughtful, gritty, funny women. Women who cherish the agency to make their lives what they want them to be (scrapping for it when necessary, and knowing when to sit back and breath and be grateful). Women who know how to give back to their community. Women who know how to change the world (from wiping their babies’ noses, to running businesses, to influencing the laws of the land, and more…). And for the Women of the last generation or three… who pushed boundaries and kept the faith. Women who love deeply, work hard, and demand better. I cannot think where I’d be without them, and I’m very proud to be among them, be one of them.


xo, Katie

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