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A Little Caboose… | Washington DC Newborn Photography

Some parents reach out to me with their first baby, ready to capture that initial joy of becoming parents. You change with that first baby, maybe more than you even realize. And then sometimes, more babies come along, and the parent keep the idea of newborn photos alive, but it becomes harder. I get it, with more children come more demands on your time, your finances, and your schedule. But I really, really love when parents place the importance on newborn portraits with every new baby, because those moments are so beautiful and go by so quickly.

Meghan and Brandon welcomed baby number six recently, and reached out to me for newborn photos. It made my heart soar that they made it a priority to invest in these precious, first moments. Meghan good-naturedly laughed, “Our family is complete now – there won’t be any more newborns, and I want to remember what this is like.” I told her how my parents used to call my youngest brother “The Caboose”. It just happened that I had a weekday morning opening within the week, so I headed over to meet Meghan and Brandon’s “caboose”, Charlie. We caught some little smiles almost as soon as I walked in the door. Then we photographed bath time, and took some time for very low-key newborn portraits. It’s easy to shift between documentary style images like the bath time photos and candid portraits of baby and parents. That versatility gives Meghan and Brandon a lot of variety in the images they have to remember these newborn days with Charlie, and they will also have more options to display them.

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