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About Katie


I’m Katie, owner and photographer of Red Turtle Photography.

When I was 25, my beloved grandfather passed away, and somehow I ended up with his camera.  I had fond memories of my dad being a really great hobby photographer when I was very little, so  I started playing around with it. Soon I was spending every spare minute of my days driving across the Virginia countryside photographing everything, staying up late at night reading photography manuals, and falling in love with lens and shutter.

In the years since then, I’ve done several crazy things:

::Left my job and ran off to photography school.

::Started a photography business from scratch while working another “day job” to pay the bills.

::Fell in love and moved to Washington DC.

:: Got married and had a baby.

:: Knit a sweater for my husband that was an epic failure and could have fit Paul Bunyan.

:: Quit the day job and plunged head first into the life of a working-from-home-mom-professional-photographer.

I don’t regret a single thing.




And now?

Now I am the photographer I always wanted to be. Not that I am perfect – there is always a new direction to grow – but I trust my camera and my eye and my rapport with the children and families who are my clients.

My work is very real and immediate.  I come to you or meet you in real places and photograph not just portraits but also the moments between – you and your family and all the details you want to remember forever. I see beauty in the spontaneous and can find those magical moments in just about any setting.

I believe the power of documentary photography lies in the power of an image to transport back to a moment that has passed. And it lies in the power of an image to reveal what might have might have gone unnoticed, to preserve what might have been forgotten. Renowned photographer Elliot Erwitt wrote, “To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.” In my documentary family photography I am most drawn to the interesting things in an ordinary place, and my particular way of seeing is tuned into the moments of joy and connection that make us strong, amazing, vibrant, one of a kind and yet of-a-piece with the whole human story.

I believe every family has a story and every image I create should be a true picture of your story. Some parts of our stories are universal – mothering, fathering, the delight of a happy child, the connection in a touch or a gaze. And some parts of our stories are uniquely our own. The artist in me is happiest when I’ve found both the universal and the unique, and deliver images that light you up inside.

My business is small and personal. Most of my clients come to me through referrals, so I value deeply the connections I make to my clients and my community. You’ll have my full creative attention in our session and afterward as we find the perfect way to share and display the images we create together.

What now?

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I invite you to embrace the beauty in yourself, your child, your family, and let me capture that for you, in images that will please you for years to come.  Call me today to begin.