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Aiden and Asher: Brothers

When mom Erin reached out to me before the birth of her second son, she specifically asked for photojournalistic style photos of her family. This was truly music to my ears, since the journalistic style is what I love most about photography! Erin actually booked back to back sessions with me, a few months apart, so they could capture both periods with their brand new babe: the foggy-headed haze of newborn days, and the more settled days with a small baby. So, I met back up with the family when they were more in the swing of things, around Asher’s two month milestone.

Aiden was thrilled with his little brother by the time our two month session rolled around and he had settled into his special new role! We met at their cozy, cute home, where they had really gotten into their routine. Erin is a wonderful mom, who has made easing into life with two kids look easy and seamless, though I’m sure it was not as simple as it looked! They take lots of walks since the boys are so little, and we were able to take one together. We made terrific photos of ordinary things, and there is so much personality in these everyday images!

Are you searching for a family photographer who can document the things that make up your days? Pancakes at the breakfast table, cars strewn around the floor, baby coos and storytime, afternoon walks and giggles… I’d love to share what sets apart my photography, and you can reach out to me HERE!

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