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Changes ahead… Jessica and Family | Washington DC Photographer

When the handsome little boy in these photos was just a newborn, I met his parents. Jessica and Geoff were the ideal clients way back then, and it’s been a joy to watch them ease into parenthood with panache and laughter. Now, they’re expecting baby #2, and preparing to become a family of four. Jessica has booked a 1/2 Day in the Life shoot for when baby arrives, so we can really capture that newborn season in a relaxed and honest way. My 1/2 Day in the Life shoots are ideal for that sort of situation, with approximately four hours of shooting time. They really encompass a lifestyle session and are plenty long enough to capture enough of your family’s story.

When we meet back up (when baby arrives), we will also be joined by grandparents who will be visiting, and we will simply let their family go with the flow! Newborn life is pretty unpredictable, so lifestyle sessions are great…I just come in as a quiet presence and document what is already happening in the home. All my newborn clients get a complimentary maternity session, and these three (soon to be four) wanted to do theirs at an ice cream shop. The day was a scorcher, so it was perfect. I loved the off-beat location, easy attitude, and undeniable happiness that is seen below.

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