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Day in the Life: a morning with the D family

Any parent of more than one child knows that life changes when a new baby arrives. The dynamics of your family change. The roles of your children change. And you change. But, the one thing that doesn’t change is the rich bond that makes up your family. That’s what I. wanted when she called me up to document this special season in their lives. She wanted me to capture exactly what daily life looks like with her two young boys, before everything changes this fall with the arrival of their third baby. August 2017-10

This beautiful mama wanted a half-day session, starting when the boys woke up at 7:15AM, until they typically wind down for lunch and nap time. I showed up with my camera, and was just in time to see them tumble out of bed. After morning snuggles and a story, the boys went searching down the hall for dad, and then downstairs for breakfast! Despite being fabulously well-behaved fellows most of the time, there was a mighty roaring contest at breakfast that any mom of preschoolers probably knows all too well. A morning with L. and H.  is sure to involve construction trucks, legos, some wrestling, and half a dozen different sports.


This mom is an island of love in this sea of wild Boy Life.  Back inside, and cleaned up, L. and H. indulged their creative sides with some masterful sticker action. Then they persuaded Mom to read – and Mom obliged with several of their favorite books. Even better, their baby brother took this chance to throw a kicks against the big boys’ hands just to let them know he was ready to get in on all this fun. And then, a music concert and parade broke out. The climax of this frenzied performance was a firearm display by a superhero cowboy! These rough-and-tumble moments, filled with laughter, are the ones that this family will hold close in the years to come. I hope these two (and brother to come) know how deeply loved and cherished they are!


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I am not sure which I love more: the quiet moments, the funny moments, or the wild and free moments. What I know for sure is that, all these moments make up the days that are the beautiful life of this awesome family.

Watch in a few weeks for a second session with the new baby!

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