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Day in the Life with a newborn and a preschooler…

Remember the darling ice cream shop session from a few months ago? I loved every minute of that special shoot, capturing the time before their trio turned into a sweet quartet. Mom Jessica and Dad Geoff were preparing to welcome their second baby boy, and little James was about to have his world rocked 😉 Any parent of more than one little knows exactly what I mean…those first few weeks can be slightly rocky due to sleep deprivation and juggling everyone’s needs, but pretty soon, things get more smooth. You fall into your rhythm, and your circus of emotions and challenges and exhaustion begins to feel comfortable. And normal. And beautiful.

I met back up with the family for a half-day-in-the-life documentary style session after they brought Eli (the baby) home. I arrived just in time for breakfast: cheerios for the eager big brother, and pancakes fore everyone later on. I stayed, camera in hand, as Jessica and Geoff gracefully navigated a morning with their two sons. It was partially routine, and partially adapting to a new “normal”, but everything was so lovely and authentic. We played trains, changed diapers, and read books together, and yes, there were even sprinkles for our pancakes. There were peaceful snuggles and even a walk in the fresh air, and I’m so proud of how they’ve fund beauty in these moments. I loved what Geoff had to say at the end of our time together: “This was so relaxed. What I love most is the opportunity to just document what our days really look like, what life is really like.”

I couldn’t agree more.

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