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{documentary} thinking like a photographer, part five: think about the details

this is part five

of a seven part series on thinking like a photographer.


5. Photographers think about the details. What’s really important to BE in this photograph? What’s behind my subject, what’s beside them? Does it belong? Can I move into a better position (above, below, to one side or another, or all the way around altogether) to change the scene for the better or find a clearer meaning to this moment? Is my composition strong? Is the light right for the mood or is there a better spot to find that light? Should I get closer, or should I step farther back? What could distract from the Important Thing I’m photographing? Yes, that’s all happening in the mind of a photographer from second to second, from shutter-release to shutter-release, non-stop for as long as they’re shooting a scene or a client.

(c) Red Turtle Photography | Washington DC Documentary Family Photographer

(c) Red Turtle Photography | Washington DC Children

(c) Red Turtle Photography | Washington DC Children

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