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{documentary} thinking like a photographer, part six: look, look, look

this is part six

of a seven part series on thinking like a photographer.


6. Look Look Look. Most photographers, even when they’re not using their camera, are seeing as if they were. A patch of light might distract them from their conversation, a reflection will cause them to pause, an interaction between any two people will make them think of how they’d photograph that split-second story. American photographer Dorothea Lange wrote, “A camera is a tool for learning to see without a camera.” I think she meant that something happens when your mind is trained to think like a photographer: your eyes, and your heart, begin to see the moments of meaning all around you, the stories unfolding, the great changeling Light, and every little thing as if you’re some kind of Buddha in the constant Now. Respect what’s true and real in front of your camera, and respect your instincts as an artist to shoot what is true to you.

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(c) Red Turtle Photography | Washington DC children

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