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End of Year School Picnic | Washington DC Family and Childrens Photography

Getting to photograph kids in an unscripted, uninterrupted way is one of the things that makes me feel alive. There is something really magical about watching kids in their element, playing and laughing, and interacting with each other. I was at my son’s end-of-year picnic recently, and such an opportunity arose… I had come directly from another photo shoot, so I had my camera already in hand when I arrived. It was pretty hot, and I felt that if I simply sat down, the heat would get to me. So, I headed out to capture the kiddos in their element, and I loved it. I even had the carte blanche to edit the whole set in black and white, which draws the focus to their expressions.

Do you love these photographs as much as I do? I’d love to document your little ones, or any upcoming events that you may want to hire a photographer for. Please contact me today to schedule your session!

Picnic June 2017-3Picnic June 2017-6Picnic June 2017-7Picnic June 2017-9Picnic June 2017-12Picnic June 2017-15Picnic June 2017-18Picnic June 2017-19Picnic June 2017-22Picnic June 2017-28Picnic June 2017-34Picnic June 2017-47Picnic June 2017-50Picnic June 2017-63Picnic June 2017-66Picnic June 2017-67Picnic June 2017-68Picnic June 2017-73


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