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After 5 years, a new website for Red Turtle Photography!




There’s a long list of jobs I took on when I went into business – jobs that aren’t photographer. The list includes:




Brand Manager


Social media director

Business development specialist

Procurement officer

Client relationship officer

Packaging department

Lab liaison

Web master

I’ve been fortunate enough to hand off pieces of the work – bookkeeping to friend and all-around cheerleader Ann; and my new administrative assistant Ali is taking on vital pieces of everyday business. But for various reasons (money, hard-headedness, the tendency of small business owners to try to “do it all”) I can’t shake the responsibility for my website.

That’s where ingenious programs like ProPhoto come in – creating a platform on which I can lay a brilliant design and customize for Red Turtle Photography. It’s time – Red Turtle Photography is a grown up business and needs a grown up website.

So I built it.

Then  broke it.

Then built it again, and, well, if you’re reading this, it worked. If you’re reading this, you’re reading it in my beautiful new site that isn’t quiet finished (are they ever?) and probably isn’t quite perfect (what is?). If you know me or have been following me, you know that I, and by extension, my little business, are a work in progress. I am so grateful that you visit, look at my work, and admire the delightful children and beautiful families that I am lucky enough to meet and photograph every day.

So, I built a new website. Can I have my camera back now,

pretty please?


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  • January 6, 2015 - 1:37 pm

    Alexandra Hughes - I’m loving your site, Katie! And can totally relate to your desire to get that camera back. I just finished off my own website after days of soul and heart work, and am keen to get a’coachin’ again. Congratulations on the gorgeous photos and the business birthing/ growing.ReplyCancel

    • January 6, 2015 - 4:28 pm - Thank you Alexandra!I know everyone with their own business can relate to taking on those less-than-preferred tasks. But all in the service of the work we love to do. <3ReplyCancel

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