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{Photo A Day} my summer project, week one | washington dc documentary photographer

last year

I took on a personal project I called a 360 (riffing off of the concept of 365 projects where you shoot a photo a day for a year, only mine was to just begin seeing 360 degrees around me, i.e., to be more mindful about the moments and beauty at hand, and capture that in photos.

This year I’ve had my nose to the grindstone with various business classes and development. I’ve also had a greater-than-usual share of personal/family “stuff” that left me feeling a deep need to recharge my creative batteries and hold on to the solace I so often find when I am making photos. I was yearning for a personal project, and the summer seemed a perfect discreet block of time to give myself this gift. It’s Del’s first summer between school years. I want to make sure we invest in all the feels of a good old-fashioned summer. I want to be present in it, and to create photos that hold within them all those feelings.

The more I bring my attention to every day moments, as opposed to posed moments that I “nudge into being” in a portrait session, the more I find that my skills and vision are honed to make artful images out of common matter. Photojournalists do this everyday. Street photographers are masters of it. It’s powerful, beautiful stuff.

Here are the images from Week One of my Summer Photo-A-Day project.

Summer Photo-A-Day Project June 8

June 8

Summer Photo-A-Day Project June 9

June 9

Summer Photo-A-Day Project June 10

June 10

Summer Photo-A-Day Project June 11

June 11

Summer Photo-A-Day Project June 12

June 12

Summer Photo-A-Day Project June 13

June 13

Summer Photo-A-Day Project June 14

June 14

Summer Photo-A-Day Project June 15

June 15

Addendum: A few shots that I took that didn’t end up as my pick for the day.

Summer Photo-A-Day Project

other pictures from week one

Follow here for the story behind each photo.

And visit our Facebook group to join in with your own photo a day, and see the photos others are making of their summer days.


xo, Katie

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