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Malsbary + Associates 

Working with Chef Gregg Malsbary and his staff and students was an absolute pleasure. I documented both the catering/event aspect of his consultancy, and captured evocative food photography images to build his photo library for web site, promotional and marketing needs.

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Marcy Butler Designs

I’ve worked with Marcy Bulter Designs for both {Beyond the Headshot} and Fine Product Photography. Her aprons are a perfect everyday luxury, and her vision makes each photo shoot an absolute joy.

Screenshot 2015-02-25 15.42.56(3)

Screenshot 2015-02-25 15.42.56(2)Screenshot 2015-02-25 15.42.56






Pico Vela

DC-based clothing designer Nicole Alfieri creates beautiful casual knitwear for women. I simply love shooting with Nicole because her style is ingenious and the sweaters are stunning. I’ve photographed three seasons for her now and look forward to more as her label expands its market.

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Little Ashkim

Brilliant Turkish mom and business woman, Olcan Hollister, hired me to photograph her snuggly children’s hooded towels and line of Turkish cotton casual clothing for children. It’s been exciting to see her business grow. Beyond her own website, my photographs for her can also be seen on

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Baked By Yael

I am so pleased to say I’ve been Baked By Yael’s photographer since before there was a Baked By Yael. Yes, I photographed her goodies at the very brunch where she brainstormed names with her marketing consultant! And now, she’s the hottest thing on a stick in DC. Well, her cake pop is, I mean. And photographing for her is a delicious delight.

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Hill Now | 2015-02-27 15.33.44




Other businesses where you can see my work online:

SavorIt Studios

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The Deetermined Athelete

CDR Fundraising Group 

Organized In A Box

Born To Be Radiant/Sara Mazenko




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