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Princess Awesome Photoshoot | Washington DC Commercial Photography

Never limit yourself because of others’ limited imagination; never limit others
because of your own limited imagination. -Mae Jemison

I don’t often share photos from  my commercial shoots, but this recent shoot with the wildly popular girls’ dress brand Princess Awesome was too much fun not to write about! I started working with this unique brand two years ago; shortly after their very successful Kickstarter launch. They were seeking a photographer who knew how to capture kids being kids, and my documentary-style work was just what they were looking for in their product photos. Catalog shots are always shot on set, but we also do location shoots like playgrounds, woodsy trails, and creeks for their models to engage in genuine play wearing their gorgeous, play-friendly, gender-busting dresses.

What makes Princess Awesome so unique? Their genius lies in their custom prints and designs, which center around clothes made for girls who love more than just princesses and tiaras. They cater to girls with wide, brilliant tastes…girls who love math, science, and themes like dinosaurs, bugs, and pirates! I love their emphasis in individuality and strength, and how they are empowering girl to be who they are. Their most recent offering features fire trucks, and the dresses are as cute as they are meaningful.

During our most recent shoot together, we gathered product and social media images for the new dress design.  In addition to the shots on set (our set is the light-filled space at Takoma Park’s Little Loft, a children’s art and play studio), we took the girls to a real fire station where we were welcomed for an hour or so of photos in and around the real live fire truck. The resulting shots are some of the most fun photographs I’ve made with Princess Awesome so far! Many thanks to these beautiful models, and this wonderful company for creating strong girls everywhere!

(Now I’m rooting for a Space Station dress… ISS, here I come!)

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