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the real life moments

they happen day in and day out, so that we sometimes forget to pause, and open our eyes, and really look.

I love being able to slip into a family’s everyday-kind-of-day, for as many hours as we have together, and train my camera on those moments. A documentary photographer that I love calls this “being a serial moment-seeker”. I believe her when she says that life is full of moments that reveal our story. I’ve always thought that it’s those “moments” that keep us going – seeing your child lost in play, an unexpected snuggle on the couch, being outdoors together… unscripted pockets of joy in the midst of our busy lives.

That’s what I love about photographing a family at home. Here’s a family still in the early days of having a new baby home, living out the moments of a Saturday morning together.


xo, Katie


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