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Recommend me to your school

If you love the idea of YOUR child’s school photos looking like what you see here, there are several ways you can connect me with your head of school or PTA.

1) Email them my info. In fact, if you want, just cut and paste the message below (and cc me, if you’d like me to know).

Copy this and send:

Hi! I wanted to bring this photographer to your attention. She is working with a few select schools bringing a new kind of school portrait to families, and I’d love to see this happen at our school! You can see her work at www.redturtlephotography/school, and if you want to learn more, you can request her FAQ. Her name is Katie Walls. Let’s bring her to our school!

2) Email me at and ask for a school photography information packet. I will put together a packet with three items: sample prints exactly like parents will receive in their orders, my business card, and a short intro letter inviting them to learn more about my school portrait work. You can take it in, or I will mail it. You can follow up, or I can. Tell me what works best!

3) Are you a homeschool group? We can coordinate a location to provide the families in your network with an annual school portrait day. Use either of the suggestions above to connect with me or send my info to your coordinators.

And, if you’re about to recommend me to your school, thank you! I’m honored and eager to connect.


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