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{behind the scenes} Rolling with it

I don’t mind admitting:

2015 has already been a real bear. 

I start every year with a list of business goals, and make the most of the January post-holiday downtime to plunge into the process of setting those goals in motion. But this year the cosmos decided to go gloves-off and I’ve taken a few blows.

I built a new website! Then, inadvertently, broke it. And… built it again.

Our amazing nanny, whom we share on two days a week (so this mama can work, dream, shoot and keep connected with inspiring friends and colleagues), was in a car accident and will not be back to work for several weeks. Many of you are fellow moms, and I know you understand the challenge of finding great childcare. Needless to say, patch-working childcare with friends and babysitters is Hard with a capital H.

I had some craziness with one of my key backup and sharing services,, that ground work to a halt one day.

I found out my amazing in-laws, who live near us, are moving across the country to settle down in a bigger house in a warmer climate, and I quickly realized losing their nearness makes me very sad.

I got a flat tire.

All this is life. It marches resolutely forward without asking me if I’m up for a big twist. There’s no dramatic music to cue me in to a big change about to happen. I have to roll with it.

And my progress on big ideas I want to get off the ground is slower than I planned.

And I have to roll with it.

Because the fact is, I have big ideas. Big, fun, beautiful ideas for my work and my business and my clients. And in spite of being a little tired and a little concerned about how it’s all going to work out, I get to make beautiful photographs almost every day. I get to sit with those images and fine tune them until they bring a smile to my face and tears to the eyes of a baby’s mama. I want to work with more mamas and babies, more sober toddlers and giggling preschoolers. I want to keep the smiles and happy tears coming. It’s my sunshine in winter and my cool breeze in summer heat. These are the moments when I know I’m an artist – and I need that reminder, when sometimes the Art feels lost in the process of running a business and managing a busy life.


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