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Sarafina and Family | Washington DC Photography

I’m a city girl.

And my clients, well…they’re all pretty much city kids. Don’t get me wrong; I love a lush, green garden, and gorgeous meadows make my heart leap. But if I’m being totally honest, it makes me most happy just wandering the city streets, stretching my creative wings, and going on adventures with my amazing clients. So, when this beautiful family contacted me to take their photos, I was so excited. They are some of the people who understand how I work, and trust me to create great photos in any location.

I wanted to head back to one of my favorite spots in the city: Blagden Alley. The strong angles, the brickwork, and the colors were the perfect backdrop for this family. Little Sarafina’s dad is an architect and her mom is a real estate agent, and they all appreciate great design and character! They love Washington DC, and are very relaxed about their family photos (they enjoy the candid approach). Sarafina especially loves to keep me on my toes, and I have to work pretty hard for these gorgeous images, but she makes it so worth it! They’re so completely HER! She’s got gorgeous curls, a happy laugh, and an introspective spirit.

This little trio is about to become a family of four, so of course, we had to capture the baby bump. Of course, we also did some splashing around, because we couldn’t let such fabulous rain boots go to waste!


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