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Sometimes I shoot a wedding…

Technically, I don’t shoot weddings. 

But, sometimes I just can’t say no. After all, a wedding is sort of like a day-in-the-life shoot (the biggest, best day!), and we all know those are right up my alley. I followed my gut and said yes when Michael and Megan asked me to document their wedding day. The groom used to work with my husband, and I met him for the first time when we gathered for a consult; to see if I was the right fit for their beautiful day!

I was honest with them; I don’t shoot a lot of posed, formal images, and I try not to be overbearing with my instructions. Instead, I pay attention, I move in the moment, and I shoot what’s happening, coupled with real emotions. Yes, I’ll get those posed family shots and a few portraits for you, but we really won’t spend much time on those, because they’re just easy and should never take too long. I’ll let you BE at your own wedding. “If that works for you”, I said, “let’s do it”!

It worked for them.

Boy, am I glad, because this was a cool wedding full of truly authentic and soulful people who LOVE Megan and Michael to death. You can see it in these pictures – their friends don’t just share their joy, they amplify and multiply it. And it’s easy to see why their friends and family love them so much: Megan and Michael are warm, generous, open and kind. And they absolutely adore each other. Their love for each other truly resonated in every detail, in every toast, in every smile from the beginning of their day to the end. The emotions and love were so palpable.

I feel so lucky to have photographed this wedding for them!

Klug Wedding-2Klug Wedding-1
Klug Wedding-3Klug Wedding-4Klug Wedding-5Klug Wedding-6Klug Wedding-7Klug Wedding-8Klug Wedding-9Klug Wedding-10Klug Wedding-11Klug Wedding-12Klug Wedding-13Klug Wedding-14Klug Wedding-15Klug Wedding-16Klug Wedding-17Klug Wedding-18Klug Wedding-19Klug Wedding-20Klug Wedding-21Klug Wedding-22Klug Wedding-23Klug Wedding-24Klug Wedding-25Klug Wedding-26Klug Wedding-27Klug Wedding-28Klug Wedding-29Klug Wedding-30Klug Wedding-31Klug Wedding-32Klug Wedding-33Klug Wedding-34Klug Wedding-35Klug Wedding-36Klug Wedding-37Klug Wedding-38Klug Wedding-39Klug Wedding-40Klug Wedding-41Klug Wedding-42Klug Wedding-43Klug Wedding-44Klug Wedding-45Klug Wedding-46Klug Wedding-47Klug Wedding-48Klug Wedding-49Klug Wedding-50Klug Wedding-51Klug Wedding-52Klug Wedding-53Klug Wedding-54Klug Wedding-55Klug Wedding-56Klug Wedding-57Klug Wedding-58

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