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Three Perfect Gift Ideas for One Happy Mother’s Day

“What do you want for Mother’s Day?”

It’s the perennial question that gets asked around this time every year, by spouses eager to appreciate their loved one, and by children stumped by the question of how to honor their beloved mom.

Never fear! The team here at Red Turtle Photography have a few ideas to make this a Mother’s Day for the record books. Katie (the photographer extraordinaire), Jaclyn (studio manager and organizer in chief), and Grace (blog writer and website polisher) have all chimed in to share their best suggestions for the wonderful mama you can’t wait to surprise.

Editor’s Note: If you’re the gift buyer for this holiday, read on! If you’re the mom in question, and you want to share this post with your significant other in the form of a big fat hint, we suggest you share it on your Facebook page or email the link directly to your spouse with whatever wording you think will be most likely to get the message across. *wink, wink*


Katie’s Brilliant Gift Idea: A Day In the Life family documentary session

“You know she’s an amazing mother, and sometimes she thinks so too – but all of us mothers have our doubts sometimes, because life is messy and we’re only human. What better way to prove for all time just how amazing she is than with a family documentary photo session? One of my favorite things to do is spend a day with a family watching life happen and creating amazing pictures of kids doing their wacky, adorable kid things, and parents doing the hard work of loving them and keeping them alive.”

A Day in the Life session can be a full day or half-day, and include the kinds of activities that are your family’s “fingerprint” – the routines and rituals that give your family structure and purpose, the play, the tears, the hugs, the chores and the cheers. “I promise you, the photos from these documentary sessions reveal how truly beautiful the work of parenting is, how present you are in your kids’ lives and how much they love you and count on you.” 

Jaclyn’s Brilliant Gift Idea: An Annual Pass Membership

“I had never heard of this idea till I came on board at Red Turtle Photography and now I think it’s the smartest way to do your family photos!” 

The Annual Pass is a year-long membership that gives you access to unlimited mini-sessions with Katie. The 30-40 minute sessions are an ideal amount of time for busy families (and distractible kiddos!) to capture several different seasons or activities over the course of the year. You might book a spring and fall session, capture the birthday party, have a session with the grandparents when they visit, and throw in some family traditions like apple picking, Christmas tree cutting, or an afternoon at the splash park. Most families use their pass 3-5 times per year, and most families love the membership so much that they renew year after year. If you’re already an Annual Pass Member, book a session just for mom and the kids or order a set of prints from the last few sessions that she can put on the wall.  “These sessions are so easy to schedule, and are short sessions that don’t stress anyone out, and I just imagine the moms having all these memories to look back at the end of each year: like a yearbook of your life with your kids as they grow and change into the people they will become!” 

Grace’s Brilliant Gift Idea: An Heirloom Album

“As a writer, I think a lot about how to make the best impression with language. But they say a picture is a thousand words, and a gorgeous heirloom album is really a work of art. It will be loved, cherished, pored over, and passed down from generation to generation.”

Hardbound, and covered with handmade paper in a dizzying array of rich colors, thick and velvety pages of your best and favorite family photographs, and a custom box to protect this treasure between viewings – the Heirloom album is meant to be enjoyed for a lifetime. Once you’ve had a photography session with Red Turtle Photography, the Heirloom album is the perfect way to collect the images into the story of this moment in time. If you haven’t had a session yet, you can select this option in your collections once you’ve had your session. If you have had a session with Katie, but don’t have an album yet, surprise mom with this luxurious and timeless gift. “I value well-told stories, whether in writing or in photographs.  As a mother myself, I would cherish a gift like this!”


Contact us at about any of these gift ideas and we can get you all set in time for May 14th!

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