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{we love} Six reasons to book a Fresh48 session | Washington DC Fresh48 photographer

as I sit here

writing, I’m waiting for word from a mama that her baby is finally making his or her grand entrance into the world. We’ve scheduled a Fresh 48 session, so I’ll be dashing off to the hospital as soon as I hear from her that the baby is here and all’s well. We’ll spend 30 or 40 minutes in the quiet nest of her hospital room creating images of the first hours of her baby’s life, and the life of a newly expanded family.

It got me thinking: why have a {Fresh48} session?

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I mean, you’re hardly looking your best. You are tired, your husband is tired. You’re trying to figure out, who is this new little person? Will she eat? Will she sleep? Can I handle this? What do I do? Where are my own clothes? What has happened to my body? Are we all healthy and safe?

There are just a million reasons you can think of against having a photographer come in and document this brief period. To avoid all but a few quick iPhone pictures even though the light is weird and no one seems to get your best angle and these phone photos will probably never be seen past a few Facebook posts that will one day circulate back into our digital life as a “Memory” you’ll repost if you can bear the blurry, bleary-eyed picture. Hashtag keepingitreal.

But the fact is, there are even better reasons FOR having a photographer come to the hospital and photograph this time. 

Here are six reasons to book a {Fresh48} session:

::One:: The hours before you head home from the hospital are protected. You are temporarily free from the responsibilities of home, cooking, tidying up, finding an outfit not wrinkled or speckled with spit-up. These hours are all yours and someone else is taking care of All The Things. It’s a time to focus on your new tiny human, soak in the details of their amazing little bodies and those eyes that gaze at you with wonder and love. It’s a time to bond as a parent and as a family, both physically and emotionally. A skilled photographer knows how to document the feelings you’re feeling – to translate into photographs that wonder and worry and connection. 

::Two:: Brand-spanking-new babies are delectable little bundles of adorableness. There’s something about that newness that’s awe-inspiring and a little breathless. A little scary. A little magical. And they change day by day. Photographing your new baby in the first two days captures even those details that are the briefest – skin so soft and crinkly from life in water, the incredible mesmerizing gaze of eyes new to daylight, the tiny hairs over their shoulders, the still soft ears and gripping fingers. The newest newness has a magic all it’s own. An experienced photographer has a genius for getting those details – not just as a snapshot but as an image that conveys the wonder and feeling behind the details. 

::Three:: Documentary photography often conveys a more emotional message than portraiture. A Fresh48 sessions is not about perfect poses and ideal light and everyone looking magazine cover perfect. Fresh48 sessions tell a story – a story that begins and ends in just a couple of days and cannot be recaptured once you leave that nest. The goal of truly great documentary photography is to reveal the emotions and connections that make the subject worth seeing. A talented photographer can compose their shots and master their camera in a way that makes the most of lighting and angles so that everyone looks surprisingly beautiful!

::Four:: Scientific studies show that mothers experiencing rough times (from postpartum blues to serious parenting struggles) can trigger a flood of attachment and bonding hormones simply by looking at photos of their newborn baby. Isn’t that amazing? Your album of Fresh48 images can actually soothe you in difficult times.

::Five:: A Fresh48 session is shorter than a full, in-home or studio newborn session. Your photographer will be in and out in a surprisingly little amount of time, and with minimal interruption to your day. One benefit of documentary photography is that you don’t need to “do” anything. If you’re not sure, your photographer can guide you, but most of the time you can just be yourself.  If you are not sure you’ll feel up to a full newborn session, a Fresh48 is ideal.

::Six:: A Fresh48 session stands out from all the other newborn photography. The look and feel is different, authentic, emotional and unique among newborn photography. Because your baby is not just another soft-focus baby in a basket full of impossibly fluffy fur! Whether you share on social media, create an amazing album telling the story of your baby’s first day, or frame a collection of tender images for the nursery, your photos will look and feel uniquely yours. No one else will have exactly what you have. Begin now to live YOUR story – and to build your collection of photography that tells that beautiful story.

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You might ask, why should I hire Red Turtle Photography for my {Fresh48} session?

::One:: Because I’m really, really good. And I’m really nice to work with. And my photographs will light you up inside.

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Are you ready to book a {Fresh48} session with me? Email me today –

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xo, Katie


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