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{wednesday wonders} getting great iPhone pics of your kids | washington dc family photographer

when i take a photo of my son,

90% of the time, I use my phone. Yep, the amazing camera and top-of-the-line lenses stay safely in their bag most of the time (ok, I do grab it when the light is just right or he’s playing in the rain or other amazing things…). But, just like every mom, auntie, and grandma, I capture those spontaneous moments with my phone and an app.

It’s surprisingly easy to make quick improvements in your iPhone snapping skills to take your pictures from plain to pizazz. So today’s Wednesday Wonders are some resources to get you moving toward wall-worthy camera phone photography.

iPhone Photography School: Seriously! There’s a site called iPhone photography school and it’s full of listicles and tips and tutorials for getting really, REALLY great phone images. This tips list includes my favorite: Get on the same level as your subject (don’t shoot down at your kids and pets – if you’ve had a session with me you know I’m on the floor or ground with your little ones most of the time).

A Camera’s A Camera: This e-book was written by my most favorite photographer and mentor Michelle L Morris. First, take a few minutes to breathe in her gorgeous photography, then go back to her book and download it. She breaks down everything you need to know to create amazingly moving and beautiful iPhone photos. (By the way, here’s the work I did with Michelle in Savannah earlier this year, and here!)

Live stream a class: If you really want to delve into the depths of photography and editing on your phone, check out this class by Jack Davis on CreativeLive is a great resource for improving your photography (or other creative outlets and businesses). Classes stream live for free, and if you miss the live feed, you can buy the class and stream it anytime at your own pace. Good stuff!

(c) Red Turtle Photography | washington dc children

(c) Red Turtle Photography | washington dc children

(c) Red Turtle Photography | washington dc children


as you start creating more and better photos you’ll realize you want to free these beautiful images from their tiny mobile prison and get them into the real world in the form of prints and albums and [insert other awesome ideas here]. Can you believe – I’m actually working on a CLASS for that? A class that will include easy peasy resources, vendors and examples and MY HELP getting your work out of the phone and onto the wall? Well it’s true. Details coming soon!

xo, Katie

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