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{wednesday wonders} Making the world better one Wednesday at a time | Washington DC family photographer

While I always thought the term Hump Day was silly, it’s true that Wednesdays can seem like the “limbo” of the week – a midpoint between pleasures past and pleasures to come, the part of the week farthest from relaxation, not the fresh first days of the week, not the easing-into-the-weekend last days of the week. SO, in a quest to make the World a Better Place and redeem poor Wednesday, I present {Wednesday Wonders} — nice things that make life better. That simple. 

To start off, I want to share some resources for new moms that made my life better, in the early weeks and months of figuring all that newborn stuff out. We’re all different, so these might not be your cup of tea and that’s really ok (really it is, we can still be friends and our kids are going to be ok). For me, they resonate with my personality and values, and sure made some of the confusing parts of parenting richer and easier.

The Breastfeeding Center of Greater Washington – invaluable help from dedicated lactation consultants, classes to attend covering different stages of feeding as your baby gets older, and a great shop with gear, clothing and books to keep you informed, in style and in your right mind. Love them.

Janet Lansbury’s Elevating Childcare on Facebook – Janet espouses the child rearing philosophy RIE (the acronym is sort of meaningless but the theory focuses on treating babies with respect from birth) but puts her own practical and compassionate spin on it. I love that her posts are genuinely helpful and positive, and when I don’t really agree with her approach, there’s still so much good to take away from her ideas that I feel empowered and confident.

Meghan Leahy Parent Coach on Facebook – Meghan is a DC mother and parent coach. She’s amazing and funny and warm and passionate about helping families make the most of being families. She gets real life, she gets kids, she gets parents. Following her on FB is a consistent source of learning, encouragement, laughter and delight. Every mom should follow her and if you find yourself in a dark place in your parenting or family life, call her without hesitation.

Momma Zen: Walking the Crooked Path of Motherhood – I picked this book up while in line for a table at Kramerbooks café, and the first page appealed to me. I read it while I was pregnant, and to this day I consider it one of the best books to read when you’re expecting. It set the tone for my own mothering journey, and in ways I didn’t see back then, my journey as a grown up woman too.  Good stuff.

Cheers to all my Mama clients, walking the path of motherhood. And to the rest of my clients and followers, you probably know some Mamas. Pass this on to them, or just offer to babysit one evening soon. 😉

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xo, Katie


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